Mavensmate error

A USI collegue of mine ran is to this error with mavensmate: "Error initializing project: self signed certificate in certificate chain". We were able to fix it by doing this: »

FORCE.COM - Simple number pattern tester

A simple solution to test if a number does not match a set of patterns. To ensure the user does not need to input regular expressions, I'm allowing * to be »

Comparing date range overlap

This is a short sample how to correctly find conflicts in overlapping date ranges. This seems to be a issue many are struggling with. I hope you'll find this an »

GIT advanced terminal commands

Hi, I'm writing this to share with you a couple of usefull commands that you will not (likely) be able to find in a GUI tool, but will be able »

FORCE.COM - generating the WSC from source and create JAR's from WSDL

Salesforce provides WSDL files to access the SOAP API. The WSDL files can be downloaded from any Salesforce org by going to SETUP | DEVELOP | API. For usage in Java development »

Generic commit hooks for Jenkins in BitBucket

When a repository receives a commit from a client (e.g. developer) it can perform a call-out to an external server, to inform that server a commit has been made. »

SalesForce view state

What is the view state? First, lets start by discovering what the view state is. The view state (primarily) contains all non-transient data members contained in the associated controller and »

JavaScript function result caching

Hi Developer, this is a trick I learned out of a book called: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by John Resig (pag.25). I think it's a very nice example »

Running ANT deployments in Eclipse

Hi developer, If you’re interested to deploy your code using an Ant job in Eclipse these instructions will help you to get started. This might prove very helpful in »

Clutterless debugging in apex.

Did you ever get hit with the ** MAXIMUM DEBUG LOG SIZE REACHED ** issue? You know you can slide your "log level" to WARNING or ERROR, but now you're missing your »

Adding zip support to Eclipse to handle zipped static resources.

An easy way to handle large sets of static resources is to put then in manageable zipped format. Zipped resources are just as easy to use in a Visual Force »

FORCE.COM - Method to convert list to map and list to set

Hello, it's time to share a nice helper class that will convert a list to a map and a list to a set. /** * Take a list of objects and map »

FORCE.COM - SalesForce trigger

Imagine you have two objects that have a master-detail relationship between each other and both have an delete trigger. When you delete a record in the master object, the delete »

FORCE.COM - Install SalesForce on Eclipse Kepler

Here is a short summary of getting SalesForce running on Eclipse Kepler. I've downloaded the 64bit Java EE version of Eclipse Kepler. (I prefer the Java EE version as it »

FORCE.COM - Dynamically dump object as JSON

Here is a sample to dump an object as a JSON. It will dynamically determine what attributes are available and get all the attribute into the JSON. private static String »

JavaScript - getXpath jQuery plugin

Here is a short plugin to get a DOM elements Xpath: (function ($) { // get the path of an element $.fn.getPath = function () { var Element = this; // see if there is a parent »

JavaScript - Remove new line between double quotes

When loading a CSV a field might have a new line within a field. In the CSV this will look like:  "Hourly rate\nUSD". For cleaning up this kind of »

FORCE.COM - Download the meta data using ANT.

This post is an easy one on getting the sample supplied by SalesForce working. To download the metadata. Download the ANT binary distribution from »

FORCE.COM - Alphabetically sorting a list of sObjects

Here is a short method to sort lists. You can send any list of objects to be sorted. public static List<SObject> sortList (List<SObject> unsorted, »

FORCE.COM - Remove leading zero's

Remove leading zero's from a number stored in a string can be easily done using a regular expression. Here is an example method: public static String removeLeadingZeros (String myVal){ try{ »

ORACLE - Materialized view


FORCE.COM - Format a number with leading zeros (LPAD and RPAD)

Here is a snippet you can use in your helper class to convert a number to a string and append leading zeros to the number. Example if you want your »

FORCE.COM - Sort selectoption list

Here is a code snippet you can use in a helper class to sort you select list. public static List<SelectOption> sortSelectList(List<SelectOption& »

FORCE.COM - Get all objects and their object types

When I started this blog I was primarily working on Oracle Apex. Within the company a new opportunity presented which would take me a completely different direction. FORCE.COM the »

Install Ubuntu Server + Oracle XE + APEX 4 + APACHE2 + MOD_DEFLATE

While setting up the Ubuntu server, make sure your swap partition is at least 1 GB. There is a workaround for when it is not 1 GB but I find »

APEX | JS: Dynamic headers and &lt;br/&gt; tag

When using a dynamic query and also dynamically creating table headers the HTML tag are removed. A small trick to get <br/> tags into the dynamic headers can »

How to get more columns in a single select into.

I recently ran across some PLSQL where the programmer created a bunch of variables and did single select into statements. Here is a sample of what the programmer did: declare »

Need to review a database structure?

Here are some statements to get and overview of a database structure. /* Normal */ SELECT col.table_name , col.column_name , col.data_type , col.data_length , col.nullable , com.comments »

JS: Hide table columns and show them in an info row

Sometimes tables get to wide. If you cannot remove the column but can display them when an icon is clicked you could try the following: Click here for a demo »

PLSQL: bulk collect into

Processing many rows of data is quicker when data is already in memory then fetching it from the tablespace. Inspired by an article in Oracle Magazine by Steven Feuerstein . The »

SQL: correct date with missing century

When users have entered dates into an application that were missing the century indication you might not be able to perform date dependent calculations. You could of course change the »